He is the best!

Mr. Abacherli is truly knowledgeable and caring. I am relieved now that my situation is going to be resolved. I had some bad previous experiences with other attorneys which was frustrating. My former attorney had been working on my case for over a year, and it did not seem like the case was progressing. I decided to consult with another attorney. I ended up consulting with several. When I spoke to Michael Abacherli, I knew right away he was the attorney for my case. He answered all my questions and understood what I have been going through. The one thing that surprised me is that he did not think I needed an attorney, and that I could take care of my situation without one. When I told him, I wanted to have an attorney instead of trying to deal with this on my own, he said he could help me. Another thing that surprised me is that Mr. Abacherli did not ask for a lot of money up front. He explained what the case could cost, what his fees are, and agreed to take a small deposit to work on my case. I sincerely believe that he cares about my situation, and he is going to do everything to get it resolve quickly.
Dr. Y.



I was fortunate to find a great lawyer who can help me in a tough moment while also showing compassion and the ability to work with me through any financial difficulties. I was recommended to Mr. Abacherli through an acquaintance, and I was immediately put at ease with the treatment I received and attention to detail. My case was handled by Mr. Abacherli, and he did a great job! He was easy to contact and communicate with. I feel that he really heard me in terms of my desired outcome and helped me set realistic expectations for my case. After the issue was resolved, he was very accommodating in terms of helping me set up a plan to pay my legal costs and I never felt that I was being taken advantage of or overcharged for anything. Like I said, extremely rare. Thank you so much to Mr. Abacherli!

Stan and Anna Khaykin, owners Great Minds Robotics


We have been a client of Michael R. Abacherli, Attorney at Law, APC, since August 2020. Mr. Abacherli's firm helped us understand complex rules and laws related to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) , as well as re-opening compliance requirements in the era of COVID-19. We found his professional consultations easy to understand, with exact steps to follow, even though we do not have any background in business law. It certainly made more sense than just reading the laws ourselves! Mr. Abacherli's firm has since helped us renew our corporate trademark, and we are now working together toward an SBA grant program for our small business - an option we didn't even know might be open to us! We highly recommend the services of Michael R. Abacherli, Attorney at Law, APC to any small business owner in need of legal guidance or advice.

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