About Michael R. Abacherli

About Michael R. Abacherli

Mike was born in Oakland, California and his family moved to San Bernardino when he was an infant. He attended school and was raised in San Bernardino County. Mike worked in his family business during high school, college, and law school. His interest in business developed during this time, and he decided to focus on business law. After opening a private law practice focusing on business, Mike recognized the need to develop strong trial skills to best serve his clients. He joined the San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office and began prosecuting criminal cases. There, Mike thrived in the courtroom and excelled in trials. After litigating a wide variety of criminal matters, he honed his trial skills in special proceedings of a civil nature where he focused on complex litigation.

While serving as a prosecutor for the District Attorney for over 31 years, Mike kept his hand in business law. He worked with many public service organizations, served on a variety of boards, helped others start small businesses and assisted them with legal issues when they needed help, and started a few small businesses of his own. As he neared retirement from the District Attorney, Mike began to plan his return to his original passion, business law, setting up his present firm.

Michael R. Abacherli

Michael R. Abacherli has a well-earned reputation as one of the premier litigators in California. With more than 31 years of trial experience in a wide range of cases from simple criminal cases and serious felonies to complex special proceedings of a civil nature, you and your business can rely on Mike to protect your interests. Mike has a history of achieving exceptional results in complicated and hard-fought contests. Just as important, his experience in negotiations often leads to resolving cases before a lawsuit is filed, during litigation, or even after a trial.

Mike is passionate about serving others. When you work with Mike you will quickly discover that while he is an attorney who works with you on your business, your success is Mike's business.