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Our lead attorney, Michael R. Abacherli, started his own practice with the goal of helping business owners in his local community. Backed by over 30 years of experience with business and association law, attorney Abacherli can help you set up your business and make sure that it thrives.

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While Apsidal works on some of the most cutting edge scientific technologies in photonics and quantum information solutions, I work on contracts, training, and legal details to insure that all of the work they do is in accordance with the law and the specifications of project requirements. As a child and teenager, I always dreamed about the "last frontier." The exploration of space was a dream that was becoming a reality during my youth. I never imagined that I would actually have the opportunity to be involved in working on developing a manufacturing process based in a low earth orbit. Apsidal invited me to join their team to assist them in their efforts to build a business that is working to make space based cutting edge technologies a viable commercial enterprise, and I cannot begin to express how excited, thrilled and honored I am to have the opportunity to be part of a business that is changing our future with the "new" scientific field of photonics and quantum information.

Do you remember when robots were just theoretical? For many years they were the subject of movies, science fiction literature, and fanciful stories. Great Minds Robotics has turned theory, imagination, and fiction into reality. This educational enterprise teaches students how to build REAL robots. I have watched Great Minds Robotics grow from its initial inception, and I now have the privilege of working with this incredibly unique and inspirational business on employment issues, contracts, and compliance matters.